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Justice for Bear Family

Justice for Bear Family


Opened on September 19, 2011

 1/16/13 Update: This is sickening. These hunters/animal killers  killed the mamma bear and stabbed her two 3 months old cubs in  tummy area. .Their internal organs are exposed and they are still alive searching for impossible protection from their mom’s dead body. Sickening and heart breaking as these criminals even record their crimes. As you may see in this extremely difficult to watch video the baby bear, while her stomach open , her intestines are exposed,bleeding and screaming  still seeking her mamma’s impossible protection. An unknown person gave the CD to authorities whom then acted and arrested two of the criminals. One of them (the one handling the two baby bears by their ears and then throwing them on the rocks) is identified as Hamzeh ali Ansari a teacher In Samiram, State of Isfahan, Iran.. He and one other were arrested by authorities in Isfahan . Two others are fugitives on the run. The BBC international has also reported this crime.BBC reports the criminal who was arrested has been released on  a $200 bond but another reports from Iran denies this and indicated the criminal is still in jail.Some reports from Iran indicated a member of Iranian government, representative of Samiram Isfahan, Mr Ghafari,  is befriending Hamzeh, one of the criminals, and there is fear he  might interfere in this investigation. Mr Jafari has already spoken to BBC(link attched) and tried to minimize the issue and assured this has  happened  only one time!!..As if it is not bad enough! The criminal's name is Hammzeh and reports indicated he has been known to be a very cruel hunter that is very harsh to animals and has more than 100 felony and misdemeanors charges. Thousands of animal right advocates and many Iranian blogs , environmentalists, and ordinary people of Samiram  Isfahan  has asked for  justice for mama bear and her innocent babies.. BBC also reports some local officials are trying to keep this news quiet. .Animal right advocates are working hard to make sure these criminals are punished. The concern  is this criminal is befriending Mr. Behruz Jafari, the representative of Samiram, same city this criminal is from and that the crime has happened. Fear is Mr Jafari is trying to abuse his power and protect his criminal friends .  In his interview with BBC Mr Jafari  has made excuses for these criminals , did not condemn the act, he then made accusation  there are "hands" who want make this bigger than it is to criticise Iranian regime!!!

 This petition  has nothing to do with a country - a people - a religion or culture. We oppose animal cruelty no matter where on this planet. Everything is born with the god given right to live in peace, free from harm and exploitation. It is the act of cruelty by the individuals that we are against. Many in fact the majority of people there are absolutely horrified by this crime against these animals.I assure you the only one bring politic in this is Mr. Jafari himself! The only purpose of this petition is to ask maximum punishment for these criminals, considering there is no law for animal abuse punishment in Iran.  And to encourage and support animal right advocates inside Iran  to stablish such a law that animal abusers can be arrested and punished.. He is completely ignoring the disturbance of peace and pains these video and this crime has caused in Iranian community and beyond. He failed to even mention it in his interview. Thousands of Iranian has reported in different blogs that watching this crime has disturbed them tremendously and demanded justice, including many people in his own jurisdiction.   

Lets tell Mr. Jafari that animal abuse is a serious crime, especially when is done to this degree and these criminals are dangerous individuals  that need be punished. If unpunished, further crimes even crimes toward human are likely. Mr Jafari needs also to know animal rights is a global effort and covering up or making excuses for animal abusers are not going to be ignored by animal right advocates and environmentalists regardless of where the crime has happened.! We want justice for this family. They never harmed anyone and were just minding their own business. They didn't deserve this.

These criminals have been arrested for illegal hunting and other charges before. At this time the penalty for killing a bear in Iran is less than $70.00 and that is only because bears are endangered Species . . There is no punishment and law against animal abuse. These criminals can be charged for possessing illegal weapons but how about justice for the bear family? How about all the agony, pain and suffering of a slow death these babies had to go through?   How about all the pain and sufferings of Iranian people and all the people who have been hurt after seeing this video?Lets demand justice for this tormented and tortured innocent family who didn’t deserve what happened to them and lets support all the voices inside Iran who also want justice for this family.  This family  deserve to have their killers brought to account for their crimes!Please  contact  Iranian's consulates/embassies in your countriesand request these individuals are all arrested and punished- individual mails will also help .Please refrain from any political comments in your emails. It will  be counterproductive. We understand animal abuse happens all over the world and we want justice for this family.Here is the link to Iran's embassies and a letter of support send to them by Animals Asia.!/notes/mary-alice-pollard/re-mama-bear-babies-tortured-in-iran-letter-from-jill-robinsonanimals-asia-to-wo/279748908710597

Please also read the updates on this petition as I frequently add the recent developments on this case. You may find the updates following the Farsi translation.

I have received many kind emails and requests to do more than signing this petition  for this family. I am humbled by your love and kindness. You may email the Iranian’s  consulates/embassies - individual mails will also help.

Listed above  are the list of Iranian embassies and their email addresses and also a sample letter that was written by the president of animal Asia on support of this petition.  You may aslo contact your local and national news and media to cover this family's tragedy and our call for justice. Thank you for your support. Can not do it without you!این جنایت در اطراف شهر  سمیرم استان اصفهان افتاد. اگر طاقت تماشای این فیلم را داشته باشید، می‌بینید که شکارچیان با روشی بسیار بیرحمانه  دست به شکار می‌زنند. آن‌ها خرس ماده را با شلیک گلوله می‌کشند، شکم توله‌ها را با چاقو می‌درند و اجازه می‌دهند توله‌های درمانده در حالی که به شدت خونریزی دارند، با امحا و احشای بیرون ریخته به اطراف بدوند، ضجه بزنند . یکی از توله‌ها زجه زنان خود را در جستجوی یک حمایت ناممکن به سختی به  بدن بیجان مادرش میرسانند  که این جانیان دوباره  توله‌ها را با گوششان بلند کده و بر روی سنگها میکوبند. کسانی که زجه های دردناک این توله‌های بیگناه را بشنوند هیچگاه آنرا فراموش نخواهند کرد.طبق آخرین اخبار کسب شده در مورد کشتار خرسها در شهرستان سمیرم، فرد جانی شخصی بنام حمزه علی انصاری از معلمین پرورشی اداره آموزش و پرورش شهرستان سمیرم است و ساکن منطقه ونک این شهرستان است که سابقه بیش از 100 مورد تخلف را در پرونده خود دارد ... متهم به همراه یکی از همدستانش بازداشت شده و دو همدست دیگر که از عشایر منطقه هستند متواریند.در واقع تماشای این فیلم برای اغلب افراد بسیارسخت و  دردناک است و اشک‌های بسیاری را بر گونه بیننده‌ها جاری کرده است. بسیاری از مردم روستاها و عشایر محلی و سمیرمی‌ها نیز با دیدن این فیلم متاثر شدند و شکایت داشتند، دادستان سمیرم نیز  به نمایندگی از مردم از متخلفان شکایت کرده است که علاوه بر شکایت محیط زیست میباشد . این ویدیو باس درد و رنج و اشک  ریزی بسیای از حیوان دوستان در ایران و در تمام دنیا شده است. یکی از افرد دستگیر شده که  در فیلم هم دیده میشود توله ها  را از گوششان گرفته حمزه علی انصاری میباشد در گزارش‌ها آمده که حمزه علی انصاری سابقه بیش از ۱۰۰ مورد تخلف را در پرونده خود دارد. بنا به گزارشی حمزه علی انصاری از نزدیکان   اقای  بهروز جعفری نمآینده  مجلس  منطقه سمیران اصفهان میباشد. ایشان در مصاحبه با شبکه  خبری بی بی سی سعی در کوچک شمردن این مساله وبهانه  جویی برای جانیان داشته ودر عوض محکوم کردن جانیان  حمله به معترضان  این جنآیات  کرده اند !.  اقای  بهروز جعفری به جای توجه به این عمق  این جنایت که احساسات  پاک بسیاری  از مردم، وحتی  مردم منطقه   خودش را شدیدان جریهدار کرده و محکوم کردن شدید ان، برایشان  بهانه تراشیده  و دلیل آنرا خرافات دانسته و گفتند دستهایی در کار است که این مساله را "بزرگ جلوه " دهند. . کسی نیست که به اقای  بهروز جعفری بگوید که چطور این جنآیات  در شان جامعه ایرانی است که "کوچک" و کم اهمیت جلوه داده شود، که ایشان چطور گریه و اضطراب ایجاد شده و احساسات پاک بشری هزاران  ایرانی پاک  را که به درد این توله  ها گریستند نادیده شمردند و این جنآیات  را شدیدان محکوم نکردند.  اقای  بهروز جعفری تنها کسی است که سیاست را وارد این مساله کرده  .و  اقای  بهروز جعفری بدادند که در هر جای دنیا  که حیوان آذری به این فجیعی   اتفاق بیفتد طرفدارن بینمللی حقوق حیوانات آنرا از نزدیک دنبال خواهند کرد و ساکت نخواهند نشست.                     .این پتیشن هیچ ربطی به یک کشور، یک سیاست،  یا یک ملیت و  یک مذهب ندارد  بلکه  فقط به رفتارهای غیر انسانی این جانیان مربوط میشود..هزاران نفر از مردم ایران که این ویدئو را دیدهاند تاساعتها گریسته و اعصابشان اشفته شده است. آنها هم خوآهان  مجازت شدید برای این جانیان  بوده و خوآهان   وجود قوانینی   هستند که حیوان آذران را بشود از طریق قانونی محاکمه کرد.   حیوان آذری یک مسله کاملان  جدی است كوتاهي در مجازات حيوان‌آزاران مي‌تواند براي جامعه بهاي بسيار سنگيني داشته باشد؛ چرا كه اين افراد معمولا به شكنجه‌كردن حيوانات اكتفا نكرده و قرباني بعدي آنها معمولا يك انسان يا انسان‌هاي بي‌شماري هستند..به نوشته روزنامه شرق، جریمه کشتن یک خرس در کشورایران تنها 700 هزار تومان است در واقع جریمه‌های فعلی برای کشتن حیونات، آن هم حیوانات کمیاب، به هیچ عنوان بازدارنده نیستند. این در حالی است که خرس‌های قهوه‌ای این ناحیه، از موجوداتی هستند که در معرض خطر انقراض قرار دارند.


. در حال حاضر   امید  دوست‌داران حیوانات تنها به محکومیت آن‌ها برای حمل سلاح‌های غیرمجاز می‌تواند خوش باشد. سلاح‌های غیرمجاز آن‌ها ممکن است آن‌ها را به مدت سه سال پشت میله‌های زندان ببرد. اما جرم کشتن حیوانات بی‌دفاع و زجهای  درناکشان و جرم جریحه دا ر  کردن احساسات پاک وانسانی هزاران ایرانی که اعصابشان از زمان  دیدن این ویدو به هم خورده  چی؟ با امضا کردن    از آقای   جعفری بخواهیم  به ندای مردم توجه کنند. و از مقامت مسول ایران بخواهیم که این جانیان را به شدت مجازات کرده ودو جانی فراری را دستگیر نموده  عدالت را برای این خانواده خرس بیگناه به شکلی که در شان جامعه محتر مشان  است برگزار نمایند. این پتیشن برای مقامهای   مسول درایران فرستاده خواهد شد .....

UPDATE 9/27/11. This is Mary Khachaturian. I am very grateful to all of you who kindly sign this petition. Is good to know there are still so many kindhearted people in this cruel world. .. I share all your anger, sadness, and tears. I read all your comments, one by one,  and cried with you….  I will collect the signatures tomorrow, 9/27/11  and will send  it with a letter asking justice for this family from Iranian authorities and to the prosecutor in Isfahan, the state  where the crime happened. I am not closing this petition and will give you updates .I will continue to campaign against this brutal crime until justice is served. Until then, you may still send your letters to Iranian embassies and contact BBC Iran, and other news or media,  to cover this story and to  be the voice of this family .  Like many of you, I can never forget the screams of helpless mutilated baby bears seeking protection from their mom’s dead body.. Here is a sample letter (please make it personal and please refrain from political comments) if you also want write individually to Iranian’s embassy in your country, along with embassies emails.

I am already sending the petition and a letter to them but Individual letters may also help.!/notes/mary-alice-pollard/re-mama-bear-babies-tortured-in-iran-letter-from-jill-robinsonanimals-asia-to-wo/279748908710597


10/04/11 UPDATE: This newspaper in Iran reports Hamzeh ali Ansari, the one handling the two baby bears by their ears and then throwing them on the rocks in the video has some long history of brutally killing animals, in one occasion he had stabbed a donkey’s tummy, cut it open and then filled it with gasoline. He then set the still  alive animal on fire and let it die .

In another occasion, he amputated a fox’s  leg and then blew the fox with air compressor until he died.

Why hasn’t he been punished/jailed for any of these crimes?

Another news from Iran indicated he also have been violence toward human and had stabbed a boy with a knife in high school.

This news also indicated An Animal welfare groupingIranhas asked for a peaceful demonstration in the city the crime has happened to protest against this crime and ask for punishment for those responsible for it.!/photo.php?fbid=10150395112279935&set=a.301718479934.179212.284307964934&type=1&theater      

Without a doubt this man is a heartless serial animal killer/torturer   and is a dangerous criminal that should not get away with his crimes this time and should be seriously punished by law, otherwise he will continue to kill and torture animals. And he is a danger to the society. Lets continue to write toIran’s  embassies and support the voices inside Iranwho wants serious punishments for those responsible for these despicable crimes.


 10/10/11 Update:

    Governor Of Samiram denied animal advocates’   request for a peaceful  rally tuesday to protest the killing and torture of the  bear family.,,15449307,00.html


..10/25/11:News from Iran indicated the one criminal  who was arrested has been released on  a $200 bond from Jail. This is not justice for this family . We need to let Iranian court in Samiram know the world is watching them and is disgusted this crime against this family -which is a crime against humanity-goes without a serious punishment.

Update 12/08/11:

News from Iran reports the criminal in this video who is now free on a small bond, will attend court for final sentencing soon. There is serious doubt he will have any jail time. And if, he is set free what would that say about Iran?

The other criminals shown here have never been found or arrested.I am sending this petition to Samiram court and iranian authorities again this weekend. Please sign.04/12/12  

The criminal is set free and none is still charged for this crime. Without a doubt, the criminal got free on small bond for lack on any laws agianst animal abuse & because of his connection to Iranian authorities and member of parliament Mr. Jafari.The criminal in this film is a serial animal killers also cut open a donkey's stomach, filled it with gasoline and set it on fire. He also amputated  a fox'sleg and filled the fox itself with an airgun.He got away with all these crimes and no jail time. How could they not see what a dangerous monster this criminal is? This is an atrocity, WE demand justice and we will not stop until it happens.


Only one criminal in this video was captured who is now free on a small bond. The court time may be coming soon and we want send this petition to Iranian authorities and embassies again soon. Please sign it. This family needs justice.Thank you.International supports from Europe and Asia and United States, etc...Subject:  Torture of Bears, State of Isfahan To:  undisclosed-recipients: Date:  Sun, 25 Sep 2011 11:29:44 +0100 From:  John Patrick  scotland for animals Re: Torture of Bears, State of Isfahan Dear Sir/ Madam I am writing regarding footage broadcast by Sabz Press and BBC Iran which shows the systematic and deliberate torture of a Bear and her Cubs by men in Samiram, Isfahan. The footage can be viewd here: Our organisation is deeply concerned by this display of sadism against defenceless animals. We accept fully that this type of activity is not typical of Iran or it's citizens so would be grateful if you could please provide me with an assurance that these individuals will be found and punished by your country's authorities. Thank you Yours faithfully John Patrick Scotland for Animals_____________________________________________________________________________ 05/08/12

While animal lovers who seen this video still mourn for this bear family, another video resurface few days ago which is just as brutal and cruel. AGAIN from Samiram , Iran. None of these animal abusers have been identified. Even when they are idetifed by people and authorities, they go unpunished. As of today, the criminals in this video are still free and no court time has been set yet.

Donkey is killed in Samiram, Iran by animal abusers. Graphic:

Finally there is no justice at the day of”justice” in Iranian court!

According to Iranian news the court has finally concluded these two criminal have possessed illegal weapons and have been sentenced to 18 months in prison. These charges neither were nor related to animal cruelty but rather other crimes such as possessing illegal weapons and hunting in protected environment. None of the criminal was arrested or even present at the court at the time of sentencing. Iran is known to have very harsh punishments for crimes and one of the highest death penalty rates in the world.   However, there is no law against animal cruelty and even such a vicious and brutal crime will not get justice. This is truly a shame!

Please continue to write to Iranian Embassies, Your voices have been heard by Iranian authorities and they are aware of the international follow up on this case. Please let them know how devastated you are that such crime against humanity can be tolerated.

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