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Common Sense Mayor - Fighting PC

Common Sense Mayor - Fighting PC


Collected: 1,965 Signatures.

Opened on March 10, 2010


Ironically the Mayor - trying to get rid of it!

The Mayor of Doncaster is being subjected to an investigation to answer an outrageous charge that his plans to eradicate political correctness would incite hatred.  

It is likely that this complaint (which has already cost taxpayers in Doncaster many thousands of pounds) will be escalated still further and will interfere with his democratically elected mandate to tackle political correctness.

80% of the people of Britain (in an ICM poll commissioned by the Campaign Against Political Correctness) are fed up with political correctness and this figure is consistent regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, geographical location etc. 

People can see that it is political correctness which is causing division in communities and yet the views of this vast majority are constantly disregarded.  In this day and age it is completely unacceptable to divide people up along the lines of their sex, colour of skin etc and treat them differently - it is sexist, racist and very divisive.  Whilst complying with his legal obligations, the Mayor is simply trying to stop as much of this as possible.

We urge all those who want to see an end to political correctness - which is intolerant, bureaucratic and expensive - to support the Mayor in his fight for a return to common sense and sign this petition now.

(Please note that this petition is not in any way party political - we all need to pull together - fighting political correctness is too important a matter for party politics!  Also, if any of the adverts on this page are not to your taste please ignore them as they are added automatically to all petitions!)

To become a member of the Campaign Against Political Correctness or to donate and help us support the Mayor of Doncaster please click here

Other useful links include: - for further details about the Mayor's situation. - for information about the Mayor generally. - for comments from the very minority groups in whose name political correctness is allegedly carried out - but who actually oppose it!

If you have any problems at all signing this petition (AND THIS SEEMS TO PARTICULARLY APPLY TO AOL USERS) please just send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name, area and any optional comments you wish to include and we will add your name manually.


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