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Demand EL-AL stop transporting monkeys from Mazor Farm.

Demand EL-AL stop transporting monkeys from Mazor Farm.



Opened on March 23, 2013

To: Chief Executive of EL-AL
Mr. Eliezer Shkedi

Demand for an official commitment from EL-AL to stop flying monkeys from the Mazor Farm.

Dear Mr. Shkedi,

Despite repeated requests by the Monkey Struggle in Israel, EL-AL has not responded to our demand for a formal and explicit commitment to stop transporting monkeys from the Mazor Farm.

This demand concerns the thousands of monkeys which are traded for financial greed and transported to laboratories for toxicity testing around the world, where they face cruel experiments, mostly for commercial purposes (cosmetics, pesticides, cleaning products, etc.).

In the past El-AL violated its commitment to its customers, and the Israeli public, by transporting hundreds of monkeys to agonizing deaths despite assurances not to do so.  

We the undersigned, hereby declare that as long as El-AL does not commit officially and publicly to stop flying monkeys from the Mazor Farm, we will boycott the company and use all means to bring the issue to the attention of the public throughout Israel and the world.


Monkey Struggle in Israel and concerned citizens of the world who wish to avoid the unnecessary suffering of the thousands of monkeys condemned to death.

* To join the struggle to save the monkeys and transfer them to a safe haven, join "Monkey Struggle in Israel" - the struggle to stop the trade in monkeys for greed