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Monstercat on Pandora!

Monstercat on Pandora!



Opened on June 17, 2012
Why are we running this petition?
Pandora is currently in the midst of approving Monstercat's music for addition to their site. It's important to show them that Monstercat's music is wanted by the community!

What is Pandora?
Pandora Radio is an online music streaming service that recommends music to listeners.

Why is having Monstercat Music on Pandora important?
It would offer great exposure to our artists as their music recommandation tool is one of the BEST!

Currently there are over 140 Monstercat releases, let's get them onto Pandora! Please consider signing the petition.

Edit: Pandora has not denied us access, nor has shown any negativity towards us. We are merely gathering support in advance. We LOVE Pandora and hope that the music will fit their network perfectly.