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More trials on HLN!

More trials on HLN!


Opened on December 06, 2013

Dear Albie Hecht & Jeff Zucker,

We do not want "cooking" or "lifestyle" shows on HLN. We tune in to HLN for the Live trials, and coverage of breaking crime news. If there are changes that HLN needs to make, it is to cover MORE TRIALS, and make them more of a focus, not less.

If HLN wants high ratings, here is how to do it:

1) No more "taped" shows repeating old news. Air LIVE programing with the latest news on trials/investigations in the headlines.

2) Do not air so many commercials during trials, don't "pause" the trials, we want "Live" fresh action.

3) When there are no trials to cover, cover some of the investigations/missing children/women out there.

Here is proof that we want trials. Since Court TV there has been a void, and HLN would be stupid not to fill it.

Nancy Grace,’ HLN, score ratings coup with Casey Anthony verdict This is the BEST ratings HLN ever got.

May 2013 Ratings: Jodi Arias Coverage Drives HLN to Second Most-Watched Cable News Net 

George Zimmerman Trial Appears To Boost Ratings of CNN, MSNBC, HLN

SEE IF ANY OF THESE CRAPY COOKING or LIFESTYLE shows get the ratings that these shows got.

We will boycott HLN if they fire Nancy Grace and change formats to some boring crap nobody is interested in watching.

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