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Keep the "Ms. Cupcake" stall at Greenwich Market.

Keep the "Ms. Cupcake" stall at Greenwich Market.



Opened on February 27, 2011

In mid March 2010 a new stall appeared in the reknowned market in Greenwich... "Ms. Cupcake". Fronted by the eponymous Ms. Cupcake - a very colourful 50s style housewife character - the aim was simple: to provide the very best cakes (in an astounding 70 flavours) to the masses. What is more, these cakes were a VEGAN culinary treat. No eggs, no milk, no butter and no animal products are used. Ms. Cupcake also provides gluten free cakes so that nobody should miss out on the joy of having a taste of her creations.

Within a short space of time, Ms. Cupcake, along with her small but faithful and hardworking helpers, made a home among the other traders at Greenwich Market - Ms. Cupcake was a popular "part of the family". In November 2010, the Ms. Cupcake's stall was 'promoted' with the allowance of weekend trading. Word spread, and soon the stall became a firm favourite among the market's thousands of patrons - and not just those following a Vegan lifestyle.

Put simply, Ms. Cupcake's sweet treats are probably the best you'll find anywhere. Ever had a Peanut Butter & Jam cupcake? A Grape cupcake? A 'Ferrero Rocher' cupcake? You'll find them here, and many more. And at a reasonable price too.

For the rest of 2010 and into 2011 things were going great. In December 2010, the company (Ms. Cupcake) were informed IN WRITING that trading in the New Year could continue at Greenwich Market "on any day you wish". The stall constantly sold out of it's wares (what better gauge of quality and success is there than THAT!), and it was also revealed that there were plans for a Ms. Cupcake shop.

Suddenly, on February 23rd 2011, an announcement appeared on the Ms. Cupcake website: "We hate to be the bearer of bad news...but...Greenwich Market has made the decision to no longer allow us to trade in the market at weekends". The stall's final appearance was on Sunday 27th February. A sad day indeed - many patrons flocked to Greenwich to show their support.

Apparently, Ms. Cupcake was informed by Divisional Director of Property Management for Greenwich Market, Paul Turton. that "there are too many cake stalls" at the market site and they can only trade at Greenwich's quieter Friday market. Can it really be the case of "too many cooks" when in fact there are only TWO other cake stalls at the market? Furthermore, although one of these other stalls does provide Vegan cakes, the ones on offer at the Ms. Cupcake stall are radically different in style AND choice of selection. The stall has received staunch backing from the Market Traders Association but, it seems, to no avail. If it really was the case that there were too many cake stalls, then why was Ms. Cupcake allowed to trade in the first place? Eight months seems an awfully long time to 'discover' there are too many of one particular stall. And, if the argument stands, then why has it not been applied to the glut of t-shirt sellers at the market, or some craft stalls that offer very similar products to each other?

The truth is that there is room for ALL at Greenwich Market but it would seem that some "internal politicking" is at work. The end result being that a hard working and, up until now, very successful commercial enterprise is cast aside - and Greenwich Market's many patrons lose out as a result.

I would ask that, if you're an avid fan of Ms. Cupcake, a passer-by who has tried and enjoyed the product that Ms. Cupcake sells, or even someone who will now not have the opportunity to buy from this original, quirky and fun stall, you could sign the following petition, which will be forwarded to the local press and Greenwich Market's Divisional Director, Paul Turton, in the hope of seeing a popular consumer attraction return to where it belongs, in the heart of Greenwich Market.