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Animal Cruelty By The Lagrange Missouri Police Department

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Opened on June 18, 2010

Police in Lagrange, Missouri shot and killed a helpless female Pitbull mix dog. This video was posted on Youtube at

The video shows a LaGrange police officer shooting and killing a mixedbreed pit bull. According to police reposts, the dog acted aggressive toward the officers and a child. But in the video the dog was not acting aggressive at all.

The only time the dog looks agitated was when the police put a restraint pole on her.

After putting the restraint pole on the dog they pull her off to the side of the road and shot her. The dog falls to the ground and starts to wag her tail at the officer, at that point the officer shots the dog in the head and kills her.

From the phone calls that we have made to the police department there, they feel that it was not a big deal,"The officers could not get the dog in the truck and the closest dog shelter is 36 miles away"

So because the officers didn't know how to get the dog in the truck,and the dog was on a pole restraint. they shoot her. The video is heart braking.

We want the police department and the offices to pay for this act of cruelty.

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