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Opened on July 26, 2012

We, the undersigned, OPPOSE the proposed Racetrac gas station to be built on the corner of Sr 200 and 48th Ave. across from Heritage bank. This proposed site will bring unwanted negative attributes to a community that was sold as a quiet peaceful neighborhood. There was never any intent mentioned to any homeowners by the property owners that such changes would be in our future. This project is neither supported by the community nor will it provide unique benefits to the community.  There are currently 5 gas stations within 1.5 miles either north or south of this property. These current stations provide what is needed by residents. Therfore there is no need for another station, let alone a 24hr gas station.

  • Over-saturate the area with gas stations (5 within a 1.5 miles north or south (3 within 1 mile or less!)

  • Damage the environment (large impervious surface, increase auto emissions, buried hazardous materials, etc), light pollution, 24 hr unwanted noise.

  • Increase loitering and potentially crime. (12/30/11 2 am 9 person brawl at a 24 hr Racetrac in Ocala)

  • Present an increased hazard to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists and pets by customers turning into and off from the property

  • Increase congestion and motor vehicle crashes due to its close proximity to existing intersections

  • 20 ft high bright red canopy with no equal buffer to shield from the community