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Remove David Gill from the FA Board.

Remove David Gill from the FA Board.


Opened on March 30, 2012
This is a petition to have David Gill removed from the FA's board as it is a DEFINITE conflict of interest for him to belong to Manchester United's and the FA's board simultaneously.David Alan Gill (born 5 August 1957) is British football executive, currently Chief Executive of Manchester United F.C. and a board member of the Football Association.This is unaccepatable!!All we want in the EPL is a level playing field which cannot occur until Gill is removed from the FA's board with immediate effect.Questions were raised by Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez about a potential conflict of interest between Gill's roles with Manchester United and the FA. However, Gill dismissed the Spaniard's concerns, saying that he had been elected by the other Premier League chief executives.Weak excuses will not be tolerated. The recent 8 match ban on Luis Suarez confirmed to us yet again that there are forces in the FA that are corrupt. Members of the panel had strong ties to Alex Ferguson and this was reflected in the flimsy yet longwinded explanation which was released confirming that the word of a Manchester United player holds more sway than any others.Remove Gill immediately!!!