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Renew THE REAL O'NEALS For Season 3!

Renew THE REAL O'NEALS For Season 3!


Opened on February 12, 2017

THE REAL ONEALS — an American comedy that airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9:30|8:30c — is a comedic look at an Irish Catholic's family journey as they deal with an impending divorce and a teenage son coming out of the closet.

Critically acclaimed, THE REAL O'NEALS landed on VARIETY and VANITY FAIR’s BEST OF 2016 lists — earned a 2016 GLAAD and DORIAN Award -- and is a 2017 HUMANITAS PRIZE Finalist.

THE REAL O'NEALS earns moving praise from fans:

“As a gay kid with divorced parents the struggle is real” 

“I love this show because it gives me hope for my relationship with my family & helps me  feel compassion for them."

“Makes our crazy family feel normal.  Love you guys.”

“After the end of 2016, your show has been the brightest Light in this country”

The O'NEAL family is needed NOW more than ever!  It embraces loving inclusion and diversity on every level. The O'NEALS give us all hope — and remind us that real family is really messy.  

Lead by Martha Plimpton, the cast has chemistry that jumps off the screen — consistently real and relatable to their viewers.  NOAH GALVIN's portrayal of KENNY was named Breakthrough Performance of 2016 by E.Online. 

THE REAL O'NEALS has an incredibly loyal social media fan base — The cast and crew live tweet each and every episode.  Named Unsung TV Show of the Year by the DORIAN AWARDS, the show’s fan base is devoted, engaged — and growing.  

THE REAL O’NEALS deserves a Season 3!                                                              

Please tell ABC Network to let ONEALS continue to grow.                                



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