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Show Capcom we want a Resident Evil 2 REmake!

Show Capcom we want a Resident Evil 2 REmake!



Opened on September 27, 2012

UPDATE 18th of July

Well, to say it's been a while would be an understatement... But I see this is still going strong and the target of 20,000 has long since been smashed! I've increased the target, lets see if we can keep the momentum going with this bad boy and show Capcom how much we want it. You know the drill, like it, share it, tweet it, link it. Send it to any websites you know of (Kotaku, Gamespot etc), the more of us that do the better chance we get of gaining more publicity. This petition is still getting over 100 views a day without any input, so lets push it and see what we can do! Surely there are more than 30,000 RE2 fans out there...

UPDATE 24th of October

I'M BACK! No, I haven't succumbed to a hideous mutating zombie virus, I just had other commitments that pulled me out of the virtual world for a while. I've upped the target AGAIN thanks to the astronomical response! Almost 20,000 signatures and still climbing... Keep sharing, keep spreading the word and keep making people aware! We can do this!

UPDATE 1st of October

I originally had the goal set at 10,000 and now, with your help, we've smashed it! I think we can do better though, so don't stop spreading the word yet! I've upped the goal to 15000, lets keep showing Capcom how much we want this!

I have forwarded this to Capcom via their Twitter, and have posted it on the official Capcom Unity forums. As and when they make a statement I'll update right here.


I Honestly can't believe how much support this petition has had, I thought I was grasping at straws when I made it asking for 10,000 signatures but it looks like we'll hit that in no time! I've forwarded this on to Capcom via Facebook, Capcom Unity and Twitter, as well as to Kotaku, CVG, GamesRadar and IGN. If and when I hear anything back I'll update this description and keep you all in the know. Keep that support coming!! 

- What is this petition for?

To show Capcom your interest in a Resident Evil 2 remake in the style of the REmake on the Gamecube. A RE-REmake if you will. Capcom have hinted that if enough demand exists, they will consider a remake (SOURCE:, so we have to show them that demand is here! I'm sure we can only imagine how awesome a remake would be if it was done right, and this might be our chance to get it!

I will be forwarding a link for this petition to Capcom every time we get a thousand signatures, let's show them how much demand there is for this project.

Once you sign, be sure to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social networking site you use, spread the word and make people aware! 

 - About the creator

My name is Liam and I'm a Resident Evil fan, just like the thousands of you that have already signed this petition. The Resident Evil 1 remake on the Gamecube was so immensely good that I couldn't wait for them to do the second one, but it never happened! When I read the above article on CVG I just had to do something to prove that the demand exists.

I made this petition on my lunchbreak and started spreading the word and it's taken off from there! I'm amazed at the speed people are supporting the campaign, and hopefully Capcom will be too. 

If for any reason anyone feels the need to get hold of me, I'm available at [email protected] or @Ryamu_85 on twitter. 


UPDATE!!! We're going strong people! Almost 1000 signatures in 24 hours! Just have to keep the momentum going. Once we hit the magic 1000 mark I'll forward this to Capcom, and again when we hit 2000, 3000 etc etc. Don't forget to share it as much as possible to spread the word!


ANOTHER UPDATE!!! You can join the Facebook account for this campaign at Like it, share it! 


VIDEO ADDED!! Youtuber FeralInstincts has made a video for the campaign, you can watch this below! 


ANOTHER VIDEO!! Not specifically about our petition, but another video explaining the desire for a remake from Youtuber AlphaOmegaSin. Watch it here! 


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