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Resign Sheriff Lupe Trevino

Resign Sheriff Lupe Trevino



Opened on March 25, 2013
We, the undersigned residents and voters of Hidalgo County, ask for your immediate resignation from office as Sheriff of Hidalgo County.

Federal investigations during your campaign for re-election point to a criminal conspiracy alleging your son, Jonathan Trevino, while a member of the Mission Police Department, along with several of your deputies belonging to a drug task force, the Panama Unit, and J.P. Flores, head of Crime Stoppers, assisted drug dealers in protecting loads and intercepting cargo for monetary gain.

Our area has seen an increase in drug violence, kidnappings, home invasions, high speed car chases.  Many residents who frequented Mexico on a regular basis have stopped recreational trips to Reynosa and other sister cities across the border out of fear.

Several of your deputies have been indicted in federal court, have been arrested for cocaine possession or driving wile under the influence. Although we understand you are a father standing by your son during his right to a fair trial, as the head of a multimillion dollar agency charged with providing safety for Hidalgo County, your leadership can no longer be trusted.

We, the voters and residents of Hidalgo County, were denied a real opportunity to assess your work as Sheriff with our vote.