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Restore Ohio Weekend Voting

Restore Ohio Weekend Voting


Collected: 20 Signatures.

Opened on April 20, 2012

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They’re at it again. Out of touch politicians in Columbus are locking the doors on your voting booth, barring you from your most sacred right in our Democracy. They are also up to their old tricks to stop you this November from making it easier and more convenient to vote.


Democracy shouldn’t be this hard, but these extremists don’t want you to vote. They passed a law last year to close the window of opportunity to vote early or by absentee. We didn’t take this voter suppression sitting down. Hundreds of thousands of voters collected signatures to repeal this law just like we did last year with Senate Bill 5, the unfair, unsafe attack on us all.


Now, these politicians are saying Senate Bill 295 will repeal the anti-voting rights law, but the truth is it won’t. You still will not be able to vote on the weekend and Monday prior to Election Day. In 2008, tens of thousands of voters cast their ballots, but this year the voting booths will be padlocked on those days.


Sign the on-line pledge now and add your name to the thousands who are demanding that the Ohio House of Representatives stop suppressing the voting rights of Ohioans. SB 295 continues to limit voting rights and opportunities for all voters and is NOT a true repeal.