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Robbit needed in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Robbit needed in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale



Opened on November 17, 2012
From Jumping Flash! The game may look odd, but a classic and fun for anyone. Some gameplay below!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the game to celebrate the accomplishments of PlayStation.

He\'s unique. He\'s got fans, first party, great design, sequels, on PSN and the first character to get a game outside of Japan. I say this is a very well deserving title. If you haven\'t tried it, it\'s cheap online for PS3, a good recommended buy.

This damn machine better be in the game, if you agree, please sign. I\'d appreciate it.

1500 is maybe a little much, but it shouldn\'t be. We need to get him included. It\'s been recently shown free DLC is coming, and free or not no doubt he\'d be the perfect inclusion for this game. This needs to be seen even though, the votes will likely not reach the triple digits. I\'d appreicate help. If you\'re a long term fan of PlayStation, you\'ll like this guy.

Not to mention he\'s one cool ass robot.