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Petition urging Congressman Lamborn to stop attacking local businesses

Petition urging Congressman Lamborn to stop attacking local businesses



Opened on May 07, 2012

Dear Congressman Lamborn,


We are writing to urge you to take down the undignified and false attacks on Robert Blaha and his extensive business record.  Of particular outrage to all of us is your attack on Integrity Bank and Trust, which your campaign commercial described as one of the “worst in the region”.  The advertisement leveled against the bank shows mean-spiritedness and indifference to the challenges that businesses are facing in these difficult economic times. 


The fact is Integrity Bank is a respected partner in our community and a successful small business.  It has never participated in federal bailout dollars and it is beloved by customers.  Integrity did not reduce staff or experience layoffs during the recession.  It enjoys strong capital and has continued to give back to the community throughout difficult economic times.  


The fact that our own Congressman would seek to tear down and destroy a small, local business with false and misleading statements just to divert attention away from his lack of results shows how cynical the political process in America has become.  It also shows how outrageously low some politicians will stoop to win an election.


As your constituents, and as men and women who make a living in the private sector every day, we find it ironic and outrageous that a man who has spent his career in a government job would take aim at real and hard working men and women who are paying your government salary. 


Congressman Lamborn, we are asking you to stop. There are more important things than winning the next election. Please demonstrate some integrity and immediately remove this slanderous advertisement.




 Robert Blaha