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Petition to Samsung to fix problems related to 4.3 upgrades

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Collected: 953 Signatures.

Opened on January 19, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note2, and other-phones owners who upgraded to Android 4.3, following the upgrade, the phone started encountering different problems. These problems include: unstable Wi-Fi and Internet connection, quick battery drain, phone/application freeze, and others.


We ask Samsung to:

  • Fix the problem or let us downgrade to a previous and stable Android versions.


  • Be transparent - we want to know what is the plan for a new SW version, what are the dates for releasing it.


  • To treat us properly, these are top of the line expensive phones. Ignoring the problem with your support team, saying that you never heard about this problem or proposing solutions that you aware that do not solve the problems, just waste our time, this is not the way to treat your loyal customers.

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