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Save BBC Four from closure

Save BBC Four from closure



Opened on August 16, 2011

Here we go again...

First they tried to close BBC 6Music. Together, we saved it. Okay, philistine management chased audience and took it to the mainstream but we still have after 7pm (when management are watching mainstream telly).

Two years ago, rumours about shutting the arts and culture BBC TV station, BBC Four started to circulate. Thankfully that didn't happen but very noticable cut backs have taken hold.

Despite this, BBC Four remains the only place that you can catch inteligent drama and film from Europe, Scandinavia and beyond, and only this week a magnificent week of Benjamin Britten programming, uncorrupted by advertisments and the commercial pressures of sponsors to generate audience numbers. 

Only the BBC can do this. This stuff is of huge artistic and cultural importance but is of zero commercial value.

Today, November 19th 2013, "National Treasure" David Dimbleby has reopened the dabate about what BBC Four is for, bizarrely suggesting that is should be merged with BBC2 to reduce costs.

There is a problem with this. BBC2 is full and BBC2 management would not be prepared to sacrifice audience for a more arts and culture based aganda. Spiral, The Killing, Wallander, Borgen, music programming etc. - where would BBC2 fit in the snooker and gardening stuff?

Like 6Music evenings, BBC Four - and BBC Four is only evenings - needs to remain in place to provide the stuff of BBC heartland - the stuff that the commercial sector pretends to provide, but in reality, if it's not commercial in terms of audience numbers or a big sponsor involved, they simply never will. They don't get it.

Please sign the petition. History proves that these work.



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