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Save Ealing Cinema! No Ealing Film Comedy! We're Serious!

Save Ealing Cinema! No Ealing Film Comedy! We're Serious!


Opened on November 24, 2010

For the Love of Cinema! We've made great progress, let's keep it up!** YOU'RE MAKING IT HAPPEN! ** FILM LOVERS HELP US GET TO 10,000! 

Everyone's getting behind the campaign: Film lovers, Londoners, Politicians and The Ealing Council. We've had Radio, Press, TV & Video Bloggers reporting on our progress and it's worked! Since the begining of the year we've doing everything we can to push to get answers on when we'll be getting our Ealing Cinema. Thanks to you we've got the progress we wanted. From a unresponsive stalemate at the beginning of the year, we've now got a complete relationship turn-around; trust and open dialogue at the highest level. For the first time we've got real commitment and assurances to make sure we get our Cinema. I met with Angie Bray MP and Justin Ribbons CEO who's advised that once the final planning changes have been approved, they will be mobilsing within 6 weeks and the build should then take 60 weeks. All parties are confident that the final changes should go through this month, so we should see uprogress start this Autumn! Your signatures and support make a huge difference, and we're continuing this positive campaign to make sure we keep the momentum that's helped us turn this relationship around. Show your passion for bringing the movies back to Ealing!MP Angie Bray "We've got to have a cinema, it will put Ealing back where it ought to be right in the middle of the film map"Gurinder Chadha Bafta-nominated British film director "I urge all cinema lovers to protect this vital part of our cultural history"Kuljit Bhamra Renowned Musician & film score Composer "We live film, we eat film we sleep film.... it's important that medium is kept alive"

Ealing & Film go together like Wimbledon & Tennis

From the long history of Ealing Studios which created the 'Ealing Comedies' and 100s of other classics to the Art Deco original Ealing Cinema where locals would flock to to get a taste of movie glamour, Ealing is still associated with amazing Cinema. It should rightly be the place for watching film. It hasn't been for a long time due to neglect, but it once was, and should be again. That's what we've been waiting for. That's what we're looking for Empire to deliver.

If you've ever enjoyed watching a British Ealing Comedy or new classics that Ealing is still churning out - please sign this petition and help us to keep our movie film magic in Ealing.

Let's continue to show our support for the Cinema. Your signature adds to the voices of many who want to see the Cinema back.

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Only takes a moment and makes a big difference

Big thank you from me & my Ealing neighbours, Londoners and most importantly FILM LOVERS!

HOW TO CONTACT ME AND OTHERS SUPPORTING THE CAMPAIGN:Follow me Kuldeep Brar via or email via (please don't use the petition contact form as it doesn't flag that you've contacted us)

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