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Support Michael Muhney/Adam Newman and Boycott YandR!!!

Support Michael Muhney/Adam Newman and Boycott YandR!!!


Opened on December 18, 2013
Michael Muhney is one of the most talented Actors to have starred on Y&R and a big part of why many of us fans tuned in daily. Without Muhney in the Role of Adam Newman ratings are dropping fast, and rightfully so after many of the cast members went on a reputation smear campaign against Muhney in the hopes to salvage their jobs, (excluding SC, MCE, CLB, TB, BM, PB, and a few others).  Keeping Michael Muhney as Adam Newman no longer seems to be an option, as the producers have all but made it an impossible environement for MM to want to return to even if he wanted, and he shouldn't have to. Michael Muhney is a stellar actor, a loving father, and a loving husband whom supports foundations fighting against pancreatic cancer and which support human equality! He is a man of class and integrity, with an amazing sense of humor, whom has not portrayed himself in a negative light in any way since his firing, and has continued to hold his head up high (unlike some of his former castmates and producers). Michael Muhney deserves your support! Come 1/30 #TeamMuhney no longer will support YR ratings! For Michael Muhney and his beloved family! To the cast members whom have stayed out of the media scandal, our deepest apologies, we simply cannot continue to back a show that has co-workers willing to smear a man's reputation in order to preserve their job or appease their egos. Best of luck to you all!PS: IF, and WE mean IF, Michael Muhney decides he wants back in as the legendary ADAM NEWMAN, provided the "NETWORK" responds positively to popular fan demand, many of us will return to watching YR!Current Y&R Producers: John C. Fisher, Anthony Morina, Jill Farren-Phelps, Mary O'Leary, Josh O'Connell, Matthew J Olsen.Current Y&R Casting Director: Judy WilsonYoutube video created by Tanya N.