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Opened on March 01, 2014

March 1, 2014

Mr. Tom Calderone



1515 Broadway

New York, NY, 10036

Dear Mr. Calderone,

In May 2011 when Single Ladies first aired on VH1, I admit to being a bit skeptical.  First, I never watch VH1 and because I am really a crime drama/true investigation kind of television person, yet I was taken.

Stacy Littlejohn really did a great job of creating this show and I found the storyline to be quite interesting. Stacy Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea and the cast really made me enjoy Monday evenings at 9pm.

Season two found me in thirst, as I was happy to finally see the show’s return. Denise Vasi came in and though I missed Stacy, she brought her own spice to the show. I liked that, plus the added new storyline was intriguing. D.B. Woodside did what he does best and so beautifully.  It was welcoming to see the build out of the “Ladies” individual lives beyond their sisterly hangouts.

Then came season three after a VERY long wait but I wasn’t disappointed. My hunger found food in each episode, the plot thickens way beyond fashion. Currently, I’m enjoying how Harold House Moore and Travis Winfrey’s characters are episodically expanding and would love to see more unfold.

Mr. Calderone, I ask you to truly reconsider your decision of canceling Single Ladies. You’re making a huge mistake! This was the only show that got me to watch VH1 and I’m sure many other fans out there can agree.


Thank you

M.Nicholas - A dedicated Fan

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