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Petition for More Protection Against Workplace Sexual Harassment

Petition for More Protection Against Workplace Sexual Harassment


Opened on November 24, 2012

============================= BACKGROUND =============================A random survey conducted by AWARE in 2007-2008 revealed that more than half of 500 people surveyed had experienced some form of workplace sexual harassment.


It is a significant problem, but it continues to remain largely invisible, shrouded in stigma, shame and fear of retaliation.

Unlike other leading business cities around the world, Singapore has no specific laws on this nor any national guidelines for employers to address sexual harassment in the workplace. There is no national agency with the authority to deal with incidences of workplace sexual harassment.  Most companies do not have any sexual harassment policies or procedures in place.

This lack of protection is harmful to both individuals and companies. Victims suffer in silence or leave their jobs when the situation becomes intolerable. Perpetrators enjoy impunity. In companies, workplace sexual harassment erodes morale, trust, and productivity.


Because victims have no recourse to any kind of legal sanction, many incidents of workplace sexual harassment do not get reported, resulting in the general impression that it is not a common or serious problem. But it is.


It is a vicious cycle and it is time to end it.

============================= THE PETITION =============================We, the undersigned, call upon: 

a) The Singapore Government to put in place effective anti-sexual harassment legislation and procedures in line with its international obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The State should:
  • ● Introduce explicit legal protection against workplace sexual harassment
  • ● Require employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment
  • ● Establish an administrative body with resources and competence to handle complaints and promote application of the law against sexual harassment
  • ● Institute a broad range of civil remedies and sanctions that address workplace sexual harassment.

b) All companies to establish policies and procedures and to provide training to deal with workplace sexual harassment.

If you are Singaporean, or you live or work in Singapore, add your voice to our call for the State and employers to take steps to protect workers from sexual harassment. Sign this petition!For more information on the campaign and workplace sexual harassment, visit


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