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Re: Eritrean Refugees in Sinai

Re: Eritrean Refugees in Sinai



Opened on March 24, 2012

Petition to the Government of Canada

East African (mostly Eritrean) refugees are being held captive and enslaved. Children, women and men are shackled in chains for many months with minimal to no food or sustenance. They are barely kept alive until their family overseas are willing to pay their ransom. Many of those, whose family are not able to provide the ransom payment are subjected to torture and their organs harvested while being subdued for illigal organ trade and left for dead. Women and young girls are being gang-raped. Some of these women have felt it intolerable to keep living and have chosen to commit suicide. There are many more videos on YouTube on the matter. A word of warning: some of these videos may be disturbing to the viewer. View at your discretion. CNN's documentary is the most detailed one and can be watched on YouTube in parts. Just search for 'CNN Freedom Project : Death In The Desert' on YouTube.

Please put it on your facebook page and sign the petition to save the lives of innocent refugees. Please sign the petition with your first name , last name and location ( at the top left hand side of this page). You may alos "like" it on facebook to let your friends know about the petitionYour help on this matter will be greatly appreciated and at the end, you will have contributed to stop a great human tragedy.

We, the undersigned, request the Government of Canada:

- To pressure the Government of Egypt to stop the organ trading that is happening under its jurisdiction in Sinai, Egypt. And demand the Egyptian police to intervene immediately and free the refugees that are being held captive, slaves.

- To pressure Government of Sudan to stop its own police/military and boarder guard personnel who are arresting refugees from the streets of Kassala, Khartoum, and other towns and selling them to the Bedouins.

- To urge the Egyptian and the Sudanese governments to provide protection to Eritrean refugees from ruthless kidnapers and their aids.

- To support the UNHCR at Shegerab camp in Sudan to protect refugees from kidnappers and their aids.