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Help John Surtees to a knighthood!

Help John Surtees to a knighthood!



Opened on December 14, 2011
No-one has achieved the success of John Surtees on both two wheels and four. Having won four 500cc and three 350cc titles in the 50s and 60s with MV Augsta, as well as dominating the Senior TT from 1958 to 1960, John went on to win the Formula One World Championship in 1964 with Scuderia Ferrari. John has done a massive amount over the years for all forms of motor sport, particularly with his own production of excellent F1, F2 and F5000 cars, and these days is very focused on young motorsport talent.  He is an ambassador for the Racing Steps Foundation and a tireless campaigner for road safety - particularly for the fleet of "Henrycopters" that will help to improve emergency accident extraction on Britain's roads. By any standards, John represents the bedrock of the British motor racing industry.   Peter Windsor wrote a few weeks on his blog ( that his New Year's wish would be for a knighthood for John.  Inspired by that, and with Peter's encouragement, I have decided to put together this petition.  I include also the excellent interview that Peter conducted with John just before this year's Belgian GP at Spa.  You only have to look into John's eyes to see his ongoing passion for the sport.

If you, too, believe that John deserves a knighthood for his services to the British motor racing industry, please sign here.

Thank you!

Alex Goldschmidt