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Original Star Wars cast for Episode VII, VIII & IX

Original Star Wars cast for Episode VII, VIII & IX



Opened on November 18, 2012
I am one of the many Star Wars fans who grew up with the original Trilogy, that being Episode IV, V & VI now. One of the things that bring the love and power from the old movies is  thanks to the cast. Now that we all know Episode VII, VIII & IX are coming every Star Wars fan's heart started beating faster, for some with fear for others thinking of the possibility of seeing their hero's return. The original actors, not new ones to play to roles of Luke, Leia and Han.

I think it is our responsibility as fans to show our love and sopport and not leave it to chance to see it happening.

To think of the possibility of seeing Mark Hammil as Luke Skywalker being a jedi master with beard and all in an Obi Wan like role to train a new younger jedi to stand up against the dark side. Maybe even train his own son.

When the target is reached I will move the limit up every time.