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Stop NEOSCC's Regionalism Planning Efforts in Northeast Ohio

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Opened on July 04, 2013

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We the undersigned are wholly opposed to the collaborative efforts of NEOSCC, AMATS, SCATS, Eastgate, NOACA, HUD’s Regionalism Grant Program, and the use of necessary infrastructure projects to promote "sustainability" (the sheep’s clothing on the Regionalism wolf).  We are requesting in no uncertain terms the immediate termination of the "VibrantNEO 2040" initiative, the relationship between NEOSCC and all Northeast Ohio Metropolitan Planning Organizations (AMATS, SCATS, Eastgate and NOACA), as well as the federal defunding of the NEOSCC initiative.

Millions of our tax dollars have already been spent to hire consultants to conduct non-scientific research, the results of which are being used at "Vibrant NEO 2040" workshops in an effort to steer the opinions of participants and manipulate them into believing they are actively playing a role in the planning process, when in fact they are being used to establish an appearance of public collaboration to back up their pre-determined recommendations.  It must also be noted that of the over four million residents in the 12 counties that make up the targeted Northeast Ohio region, only 589 (.015%) have participated to date, a statistically insignificant number who should in no way be portrayed as an accurate cross-representation of the population.As outlined in their grant application for the HUD Regionalism Grant Program funding the "VibrantNEO 2040" initiative, this plan will be broad and deep.  It can accurately be characterized as an attack on the very fundamental governmental structures in place currently to protect the individual liberties of our citizens.

Through the "VibrantNEO 2040" initiative federally funded by the HUD Regionalism Grant Program, the collaboration between the North East Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium (NEOSCC) and the four Northeast Ohio Metropolitan Planning Organizations (NOACA, AMATS, SCATS and Eastgate) is striving to present a regional plan for Northeast Ohio in the fall of 2013, to be implemented beginning in 2014 which will put measures in place to control land use, housing, transportation, food production, consumption patterns, water, energy, education, health care, and the role of industry.  This pre-determined plan intends to steer and transform counties according to the federal plan set forth by the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which consists of HUD, EPA and DOT, and is in various stages of implementation in other parts of the country using an almost identical propaganda campaign. If successful, the aggressive efforts to implement Regionalism under the guise of "sustainability" in Northeast Ohio would result in: 1)  The elimination of individual rights, private property and local sovereignty through the elimination of political boundaries in order to redistribute local resources and revenue for the general use of the region as a whole. 2)  Systematically transitioning land use, housing, trasportation, water and energy programs from the 12 individual Northeast Ohio counties to the control of a regionalized unelected governance overseen by these agencies, with no opportunity for citizen oversight. The good news is that Americans on both sides of the aisle have come together in other parts of the country to successfully resist this effort in their local areas.  This is truly a non-partisan issue that is being strongly resisted by freedom-loving Americans across the country, regardless of political party, and we in Northeast Ohio intend to defend our individual freedom here at home.