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Studesville Gateway

Studesville Gateway



Opened on August 28, 2013

Please sign our petition to name of Madison College’s Gateway to the “Studesville Gateway”, in honor of Al and Jan Studesville.

During their lifetimes Al and Jan Studesville promoted opportunities for all community members, dislocated workers, students, staff and many others.  We would like to honor the couple who gave selflessly and dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others and our community. 

The Studesvilles were truly the “gateway” to education and opportunity in Madison area.

Please sign the online petition by visiting  **We have decided to keep this petition open past our October 1st deadline.  It will be open until further notice.  **  

Please join us in presenting this petition to the Madison College Board meeting on October 9th, 2013.  It is in the Board Room of the Administrative Building (small building) right in front of the Truax Cafeteria.  Visitor parking is on Wright Street.

Please direct any questions to Sandra Fuller at 608/249-5597 or Jodie Pope 608/228-4476.

**Please note, this is not a college or union sponsored petition.  This effort is led by those who were inspired by Al and Jan and their commitment to our community.