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Stop the Iran Nuke Deal Senator Schumer

Stop the Iran Nuke Deal Senator Schumer


Opened on August 07, 2015

Schumer Playing Game on Iran Nuke Deal

Will you sign the petition to demand Senator Chuck Schumer do more than just vote "no" on the Iran deal. He needs to stop it. Sign the petition online here.

On the same night that the entire political world is focused on the first presidential debate, both Sen. Chuck Schumer and his protégé Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand, quietly, as if they didn't want anyone to notice it, come out with their positions on the Iran nuke deal. Gillibrand supports it and Schumer opposes.

It is not enough for Schumer to vote against it. As anyone who follows politics or watches House of Cards knows, Schumer could get permission from the Administration to cover himself with a "no" vote if they have enough votes and don’t need his.

New Yorkers must demand that Schumer use his status as Vice Chair of the Democratic Conference and the likely Chair of the Caucus after Senator Reid retires next year, to stop the deal the Administration has negotiated with the Mullahs in Iran.

That Schumer hasn't even swayed the Junior Senator from his own state tells me that he is playing a dangerous political game on this grave matter.

There are no shortage of reasons to oppose this deal that have been expressed by prominent Republicans and Democrats. American prisoners are still being held in Iran.  The deal starts an arms race in the most volatile region of the world. We are trusting the number one state sponsor of terror in the world.  The agreement strengthens Iran’s economy and as a result its ability to export terrorism. And the Administration is abandoning our Israeli allies and the Senate’s Constitutional advise and consent role.

But the fact that Iran killed at least 500 American servicemen in recent years is reason enough not to lift sanctions and allow them to become and economic and military power.

Lalor, the only Iraq of Afghanistan veteran in the Assembly said, "Just last month at a confirmation hearing for Obama’s nominee for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff we learned that at least 500 American servicemen were killed in action by Iranian efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

That number doesn’t take into account American servicemen wounded by Iranian explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs in Iraq and Afghanistan. EFPs were manufactured in Iran and given to Shiite militias in Iraq. According to a Military Times article, "EFPs were powerful enough to destroy U.S. Humvees and breach tank hulls." So it stands to reason that Iranian EFPs wounded many more Americans.

This is a bad deal, Senator Schumer has the power to stop it. All Americans, but especially New Yorkers because we are the number one terror target in the world, should call on Schumer to make sure that the Senate has the votes to stop the Iran nuke deal with world's largest state sponsor of terror.

Please sign the petition today to send a loud message to Sen. Schumer. It's not enough for him to just say he's against the deal, he needs to help stop it.

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