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Track and Field Video Game

Track and Field Video Game



Opened on November 10, 2013

Track and Field is not the fringe sport it once was. Its fan base is perpetually expanding. Starting Line Designs wants to give track and field what every other big time sport has: a video game. And we mean a real video game. You should not have to play Sonic Olympics to race your friends digitally. We want a game with real events and real professional athletes. Enter Track and Field 15. In this game, you can press "x" at the finish line and do the MoBot. You can burst out of the blocks in first-person mode as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. You can even try and break the four minute mile barrier as Roger Bannister in "Classics" mode. The possibilities are endless. 

We know the market for a track and field video game is expansive enough to turn a sizeable profit for whichever company has the foresight to do it first. To prove this, we have started an online petition. Sign it. Share it. Tweet it. Pin it. Spread the word however you know how. Once we have the requisite signatures, we will start knocking on gaming company doors. 

Sign up. Get your game made. 


Starting Line Designs
The Running Community’s Brand Architects