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Thank you, Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst!

Thank you, Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst!



Opened on June 27, 2013
Dear Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst:

In light of recent activity during the Legislature\\\\\\\'s Special Session, I thank you for doing every thing you could to thrust Senator Wendy Davis onto the national stage and emboldening Democrats across Texas.

From Governor Perry adding the \\\\\\"Close The Clinics\\\\\\" call late in the Special Session after the bill was defeated in the regular session to your inability to control the debate on the Senate floor, you proved to not just Texans but the entire country that you are an ineffective politician whose aspirations exceed ability.

I appreciate your attempts to intimidate those in the gallery by announcing that not only would they be taken out of the room but charged with a crime if they were heard. That statement sounds so much like how you treat women across Texas who believe they should be able to choose their family planning decisions for themselves. At least you are consistent.

I am most grateful for your attempt to change the time signatures on the vote, which was caught not only by the Democratic Senators but by observers around the country who found the tampering online with just a few key strokes. I have been trying to tell people throughout your tenure that you are unscrupulous. Now you proved that yourself.

Through your bungling - a truly incredible feat considering the Republican Party controls every branch of Texas government - you having given Texas Democrats an audience of millions, making it easier to recruit activists, raise money, and win elections.

You have done more for the Democrats in Texas in 24 hours than we could have done ourselves. And for that, I thank you.