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Isle of Man residents against the Toilet Tax

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Opened on January 25, 2014

THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE SIGNED THIS PETITION HAS GONE FOR PRINTING AND WILL BE PRESENTED OUTSIDE TYNWALD BUILDINGS 18/02/2014ALL WELCOME TO SHOW SUPPORT AT 9:25am We the petitioners appeal to the Honourable Court of Tynwald against the decision made by the Water Authority, of the decision to impose a £50 charge on each household of toiletry waste through the new sewerage levied by the utilities authority from April 1st 2014.Raising this to £100 next year and to be decided anything upto £300 the years there after.The average household is struggling with constant rises of cost of living yet we have cutbacks and most wages not rising. Furthermore we consider that charges for the removal and sanitisation of the body waste of people of the Isle of Man should be the responsibility of the government and not any other authority.Therefore we demand that Tynwald make sure any such decision not to be imposed.We refuse to pay this bill when it arrives while our money is been squandered on luxuries (£80 kerbstones, Dining carriages for trains making a loss, and millions and millions of pounds worth of stakes in film studios seeing little return to name a few) by the governmentAnyone intersted in further information please contact Amy Burns via Facebook