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Toyota's Dirty Little Secret is Oil Consumption!

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Opened on December 18, 2010

When I purchased a brand new car I thought I was buying some thing that would last for years to come. Instead we had nothing but problems.

July of 2008 we bought a 2008 Toyota Scion XB, we had alarm and auto start issues from the start, Then the brakes became a sever safety concern in the snow, later that year. You would touch the brakes while driving in the snow and you would actually loose the brakes and the car would go into a slide. After listening to "there is nothing wrong with your car" and "If you don't pick up your car we will have it removed from the dealers parking lot via Tow truck" "IRA Toyota, Tewksbury MA."  There was only approx. 7000 miles on the car when this occured.  I didn't drive the car in the snow for the following two winters that we owned this car.  When the automatic transmission blew at 21000 miles, I called roadside assistance they said we didn't have towing on our warranty. I called IRA Toyota of Tewksbury MA They sent a truck over to tow my brand new car into there shop to replace the transmission. 

Then we started to notice a major engine oil issue.  Did you know when you bought your Toyota you need to check your oil every time you fill up your new cars gas tank?  Well that's what Toyota states in there owners manual right next to a statement that if I had known, I would have never bought this car.

 Toyota states under "Oil Consumption" in the back of the index: 2008 Toyota Scion can consume up to one Liter of oil per six hundred (600) miles! Toyota's "Standards" seem to be very loose and not effient to todays standards.

When we talked to the "Sales Team" at IRA Toyota in Tewksbury MA before our purchase of this car, I told them I drive 200 to 300 miles a day and I need a fuel effient car to be able to do this job. What we ended up buying was a major oil consuming / burner!  When I complained they literally through the owner manual at me, and said "look at it, it's there in black and white print" "This car can consume up to one liter of oil every 600 miles". They sold me a serious and costly engine oil burner, that will end up clogging, EGR Valves, 02 Sensors, and eventually replacement of the catillic converter. This issue will cause premature failure of engine emissions components and parts and eventually the engine will need to be replaced. All very costly to the owner since the stock warrantee would not cover anything!

Corporate Toyota said "We will not replace your engine under no circumstances, it's not worth it".  When I asked who was paying for this car to tell me "It's not worth fixing". I also learned Corporate Toyota does not have any Arbitration program for any Commercial or company purchases!  They should have never sold this car to me if they don't offer an Abortration program for commercial purchases. So after several failed attempts at working this problem out I sent a letter to Massachusetts Attorney Generals office as well as Senator John Kerry's office. 

Senator Kerry has started a Federal Investigation on "Oil Consumption", earlier this year. 

This is my worst year in business! I will be taking a loss for over $25,000 in 2010 Because I wasn't going to continue to pay $378 car payment per month for a car that needs the engine to be replaced.  I bought a $4000 extra warrantee to cover this cars maintence until 100,000 miles, That was just a total waste time, cash  and loss of my credit for the years to come. 

 I have worked for eight years day and night helping people of The New England states MA,NH,ME,RI,CT when they brake down on the side of the road. We service several contracts under roadside assistance and we are dedicated to our job helping people when there day is at there worst.

For information on us, please visit our web site:

What I'm asking with this Petition is to educate the owners of Toyota's and Toyota Bi-products (Scion & Lexus). Please sign my petition so we can start our Class Action Law Suit on Corporate Toyota USA, IRA Toyota of Tewksbury Massachusetts and Corporate Scion.  No one should be ripped off this way. It's false advertisement on several levels and or bait and switch scam. They don't show you the owner’s manual and Toyota's dirty little secrets before you sign on the dotted line at the time of purchase. Know one know about this issue until you have this problem and or your car need the engine to be replaced! Toyota pushed the blame on us “Corporate Toyota said You are driving the car to much" "This car was meant for Metropolitan use only", Which is not written in there service manual!

We are looking for reimbursement of the total cost of the car, plus the cost of lettering as well as the lighting (20 LEDs), also damages of loss of my personal and business credit ratings, and legal fee's!  

A cash value will be assessed in the near future!

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