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Olympic Truce - London 2012

Olympic Truce - London 2012



Opened on April 10, 2011

Background: the Olympic Truce is a Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations which is declared for each Olympic & Paralympic Games. The Resolution calls on all member states to pursue initiatives for peace and reconciliation for the period seven days before until seven days after the Games in this spirit of the Ancient Olympiad.

The Truce is signed up to by all 193 states of the United Nations but no member state has ever taken any step to implement it. In October, 2011 the United Kingdom government will be responsible for proposing the Olympic Truce Resolution to the General Assembly as host nation and this petition is calling upon all member states to take concrete actions to back up the fine words of the Olympic Truce.

Michael Bates, a member of the British, House of Lords is walking from Olympia in Greece to London to highlight the Olympic Truce further details can be found at

To the proposer and signatories of the Olympic Truce for the London 2012 Games,

We, the undersigned, call upon you, the signatories to the Olympic Truce Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly to commit to undertake at least one initiative for peace and reconciliation during the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games and to declare the nature of those specific commitments at the time of signing the Resolution. 

We would like to see our Governments implement this resolution.