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No VAT on Sports Nutrition Drinks

No VAT on Sports Nutrition Drinks



Opened on March 30, 2012

An open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP

Dear Mr Osborne,

As users of sports nutrition drinks to help us improve and maintain our health and fitness we oppose entirely your decision to impose a 20% VAT charge on many such products with effect from 1st October 2012, and to do so without the consultation of 12 weeks required by your own Code of Practice.

Describing such a price hike as a "small increase" as the Impact Assessment does, is completely misleading and shows just how out of touch officials have become from the realities of the struggle to make ends meet in these challenging economic times.

The move will push up prices and damage small, specialist manufacturers in particular. It will impact negatively on jobs and growth and undermine consumer safety by driving customers to source products from less reputable overseas suppliers through internet and mail order.

In the Olympic year, the decision sends out the wrong message about the importance of sport and exercise in improving public health, and it is completely bizarre when milk-shakes, drinking chocolate and jaffa cakes all continue to be zero rated for VAT.

We ask you to think again.

Yours sincerely,