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We LOVE Vrinda Dawda in D3 with Kunwar

We LOVE Vrinda Dawda in D3 with Kunwar



Opened on September 08, 2012
Dear Palki Malhotra, 

We love Vrinda Dawda in D3, thank you so much for Taarey!! They are hot, amazing and refreshing!! Her and Kunwar have great chemistry..We want Taarey to be together always and love the way the track is right now progressing!! WE DON'T want Shakti mohan to return even if she decides to come back to India as its not fair to the loyal fans who have stuck by the show and to the cast. I loved D3 before but love it even more now with TAAREY.. <3
They are the besttttttttttttt!!


Taani and Rey aka Taarey fans