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We Want KriYaansh Back in D3!!

We Want KriYaansh Back in D3!!



Opened on June 14, 2012
This is to concern with Channel V show Dil Dosti Dance's Main Lead KriYaansh and its creatives.
We all Kriyaansh-fans wud like to request the Creatives of Dil Dosti Dance to bring back the most loved and favourite jodi of millions of people KriYaansh

D3 began with Kriya's story her journey her passion for dance and the people who revolved in her life
Most of the fans of D3 have started watching it because of Kriyaansh
Kriyaansh is the epitome of love...their friendship their passion for dance their love for their friends...they are the Best ever jodi of television...they expressed the meaning of love most beautifully...their hot sizzling chemistry wooed so many people to start watching D3 and fall in love with it

But CV's have brutally ended their Beautiful story hurting millions of kriyaansh-fans...even though we screamed out not to finish th besutiful Kriyansh story CV's never heard us :(((...and the current track going on is not at all acceptable to any Kriyaansh fan and never will be...not only to Kriyaansh-fan but all other D3 lovers cannot accept the new story of Taani and Rey...plzz save us the torture

Rey can never forget Kria and move on, Kria is his first love and will always be there in his heart no matter wat...she is his love and life and will be forever 

All the Kriyaansh-fans have left D3 for one reason...for killing Kriyaansh so mercilessly :((

We sincerely request the CV's to listen to millions of fans to give us back our Kriyaansh...Kriyaansh story was ended aloof and it can be continued again
If no Kriyaansh no D3 for Kriyaansh fans :(((

Everyone who agrees with me that Kriyaansh shud be back in D3 plzz SIGN this petition and share it....WE WANT OUR KRIYAANSH BACK!!