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  • Official - Nine Lives Of Chloe King Petition

    Official - Nine Lives Of Chloe King Petition

    Latest News - Chloe King is being made into a movie? This is a real possiblity. Dan has sad the combined effort is starting to have an impact and ABC is thinking about making a movie of it.

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  • Stop Highway Robbery

    Stop Highway Robbery

    Stop the Gauteng toll system. We the undersigned demand that the Gauteng highway toll system be halted. The principle of tolling existing urban roads is wrong. The costs are too high. It has been calculated that the cost to each highway user will amount to the same as an increase of R4.95 a litre.

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  • Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!

    Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!

    Petitioning Thailand’s Prime Minister, Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra  I am disappointed to see that despite numerous arrests and publicity, the illegal trade in dogs for meat and skin continues, both within Thailand and from Thailand to Vietnam.  Because most of these dogs are not...

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  • Save BBC Four from closure

    Save BBC Four from closure

    Here we go again...First they tried to close BBC 6Music. Together, we saved it. Okay, philistine management chased audience and took it to the mainstream but we still have after 7pm (when management are watching mainstream telly).Two years ago, rumours about shutting the arts and culture BBC TV station...

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  • Save BBC 6music & BBC Asian Network

    Save BBC 6music & BBC Asian Network

    The petition was handed in to the BBC Trust on the 22nd May. The Trust said they will look at the petition in the forthcoming meetings in regards to 6Music and the Asian Network

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  • Save Doctor Who Confidential

    Save Doctor Who Confidential

    HOW TO SIGN: (Insert your Name and Email Address in the top left boxes and then press "Sign Petition") to help save the show and share it with your friends. You can follow us on Twitter for up-to-date news @SaveDWC You can use the Twitter and Facebook buttons above to Share the campaign with your friends...

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  • Caylees Law

    Caylees Law

    Caylees Law: There should be a new law created called Caylees Law that will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner.Let's keep another case like Caylee Anthony out of the courts.

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  • Remove the statue immediately!

    Remove the statue immediately!

    STATUE OF MICHAEL JACKSON TO BE INSTALLED IN A WINDOW OF LONDON (pubblicata da tribute < 3 < 3 MICHAEL JACKSON < 3 < 3 < = 3) il giorno giovedì 7 aprile 2011 alle ore 2. 55La sculpture is life-size and her they titled "Madonna and Child" as represents the incident starring the "...

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  • Save FGS (aka Friendly Gaming Simplifier)

    Save FGS (aka Friendly Gaming Simplifier)

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This petition was started to help those who needed it the most (including me) and those who worked very hard and had to do even more hard work finding feeds through their network and send gifts,...

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  • Please Don't End GEET

    Please Don't End GEET

    We dont want the show geet to end! We love the intense lovestory of maan-geet.We love the humour of geet and jugnu mama.We love the never changing principles of MAAN SINGH KHURANA.We Love the so muhch positivity in the show.And the shows has zillions of fans all over across the world ,the show is so...

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  • Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam

    Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam

    Dear Embassy/Consulate:We are appalled and outraged at the current practice of slaughtering dogs in your country and the human consumption of these loving, innocent creatures.  I am particularly outraged at “how” many of these dogs end up in Vietnam – through mafia gangs that...

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  • No VAT on Sports Nutrition Drinks

    No VAT on Sports Nutrition Drinks

    An open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MPDear Mr Osborne,As users of sports nutrition drinks to help us improve and maintain our health and fitness we oppose entirely your decision to impose a 20% VAT charge on many such products with effect from 1st October 2012, and to do...

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  • Show Capcom we want a Resident Evil 2 REmake!

    Show Capcom we want a Resident Evil 2 REmake!

    UPDATE 18th of JulyWell, to say it's been a while would be an understatement... But I see this is still going strong and the target of 20,000 has long since been smashed! I've increased the target, lets see if we can keep the momentum going with this bad boy and show Capcom how much we want it. You...

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  • Join The Independent campaign to ban wild animals in circuses

    Join The Independent campaign to ban wild animals...

    Around 20 wild animals such as lions and tigers perform tricks in the big top. Please back The Independent's campaign -  supported by the RSPCA and other animal charities - to end this spectacle. We, the undersigned, call on the Government to ban wild animals from circuses - and to set out a timetable...

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  • Just and Fair reporting

    Just and Fair reporting

    Voice of America   330 Independence Avenue SW   Room 1718a   Washington DC 20237 Dear Sir/Madam,Once again, Voice of America Amharic Section is fomenting the religious tension in Ethiopia by grossly exaggerating the recent incident in South West Ethiopia where a church...

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